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Vitamin D Prevents Flu, Treats Cancer, and Makes Seniors Feel Better

The following press release is custom written for Freedom of Health Foundation by Press Release Pros. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vitamin D Prevents Flu, Treats Cancer, and Makes Seniors Feel Younger “America’s Wellness Doctor” Julian Whitaker, MD, says he’s not surprised by the latest studies showing the healing effects of vitamin D. Newport Beach, CA / […]

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DHEA Not A Dangerous Anabolic Steroid

Contact: Julian Whitaker, MD                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel.: (714) 619-1600 Email: [email protected] DHEA NOT A DANGEROUS ANABOLIC STEROID BUT A SAFE, BENEFICIAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Misinformation About DHEA Sparks Ill-Advised Bill NEWPORT BEACH, CA – March 19, 2007 – Lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing, particularly in Congress. A bill was recently introduced in […]

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HPV Vaccine: Big Money For Merck, Questionable Benefits For Women

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – March 7, 2007 – The push to make Gardasil, Merck’s human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, aka the “cervical cancer vaccine,” yet another mandated vaccination is gathering steam. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends it for all females ages 9 to 26. In 2008, it will be a requirement for 11- and […]

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